TADHack Japan Pitches

tadhack Japan pitchesTADHack Japan ran from the 13-14 February in Kawasaki. In previous weblogs we reviewed the pitches that won prizes from the sponsors; and reviewed the many firsts we achieve with TADHack Japan on Day 1. This weblog reviews the other TADHack Japan pitches, as you can see in this weblog the quality bar of the hacks was very high. We’ll be updating this weblog with the pitch videos as they become available.

Circles Blocks Triangles hack by Ryoji Suzuki, Hiroki Ohba, Mari Sakai, Daisuke Kobayashi, and Hiraku Tezuka used Skyway. It was a cute WebRTC Game to guess a shape created by another person.

Hamano Tsukasa used Matrix to demonstrate hands free messaging on a smart watch. This including punching to enter a Matrix room, cool, and presence based on activity. As mentioned at the start of this weblog the quality of the hacks was very high.

Home controller by Makoto Saito uses Matrix to provide remote home control using a matrix home server to multiple devices.

Matching Hack by Shun Komuro, Takanobu Inoue, Makoto Yasunaka, Toshihiko Sakai, and Shohei Nishida used Skyway to provide an interesting application of WebRTC to match and connect people.

Hologram communication 360 hack by Tooru Akizuki used Skyway resources. Masking process to detect face will be done to video received via WebRTC, to show only the face in hologram. It can be used as translator robot by using voice recognition, translation and foreign language text to speech.

And last but definitely not least we had an interesting remote hack from José Carlos López from Mexico, a previous TADHack winner. They created an environment where people can connect using 3D cameras using Skyway.io to create peers to transfer media between the clients.