TADHack Japan Day 1

tadhack japan day 1We achieved a first at TADHack Japan Day 1, close to 100% turn out ratio for those registered to attend in person.  And this is Valentine’s weekend, the developers here are hardcore! We have never achieved such a turn-out ratio before. This demonstrates the interest in telecom app development and particularly WebRTC in Japan.

This is our first event in Japan, and our first TADHack where English is not the primary language, instead it is Japanese. We used the translation services of Tara Nakayama for those unable to speak Japanese. You can see in the videos how it worked in near real time. Then through the rest of the event everyone chipped in to help bridge the language barrier. It was a great multi-cultural and technological first day.

We had welcomes from Naoki Uchida of NTT Advanced Technologies; Kenji Shirotori also from NTT-AT and myself. We then had presentations on the developer resources from Telestax, Matrix and Skyway, shown in the videos below.

Welcome to TADHack Japan Day 1

Telestax Resources

Matrix Resources

Skyway Resources