Prizes for TADHack Japan

prizes for TADHack JapanHere are the prizes for TADHack Japan.

Skyway prize will be a Raspberry Pi and WebRTC book that Uchida-san of NTT Advanced Technology translated. You will be able to meet Uchida-san at both TADHack Japan (13-14 February) and the WebRTC Conference Japan (16-17 February).

Telestax prize will be 80,000 yen worth of Amazon gift certificates
(probably split to 1st prize 50,000 yen and 2nd prize 30,000 yen).

Three TADHack Japan winners will also be able to participate to the WebRTC Conference Japan and attend the conference party on Feb 16 night (starts at 1900 after the main conference).

RicTelecom (media partner) will provide 10 WebRTC books for some of those attending TADHack Japan.

Matrix prize is a Trossen HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton Robot.

There are lots of prizes for TADHack Japan, and some cool people to hangout with as you learn, share, code and create with WebRTC 🙂

HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton prizes for TADHack Japan