TADHack-mini Chicago 3/4 October

TADHack-mini ChicagoTADHack-mini Chicago will run over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October at the Idea Shop in Chicago, just before the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Real Time Communications Conference. The Hackathon will focus on IoT (Internet of Things), next generation emergency services (NG911), Telecom APIs and WebRTC, identity / federation, and speech / video processing.

Its a chance to meet with an amazing group of technologists and industry leaders from around the world in a relaxed technology-focused meetup / hackathon that runs over the weekend. And compete for the $8k prize money available, each sponsor has $1k prize they will decide how to allocate. The sponsors include:

Its a unique mix of sponsors, the potential for interesting mash-ups across them is high. The winners and runners-up can also give a keynote pitch to the main IIT RTC Conference during the week, a mix of industry leaders, academics, service providers and vendors.

If you’re interested in technology, particularly telecommunications related technologies like IoT, WebRTC, NG911, Telecom APIs, voice over IP, identity and federation, speech or video processing, then join in. You do not need to be a hard-core coder, TADHack is for everyone. Just go to the TADHack-mini Chicago site to check out the sponsors resources, and register.  We also accept remote entries for all TADHacks.

You can see some of the past hacks created at the TADHack YouTube Channel.

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