Flowroute Sponsors TADHack-mini Chicago

flowrouteWe are proud to announce Flowroute, a carrier that provides intelligent communications for modern business, will be sponsoring TADHack-mini Chicago on the 3 and 4th October at the Idea Shop at IIT. We’re particularly excited about all the mash-up possibilities between Flowroute and the other sponsors of TADHack which include Clarify, Dialogic, Matrix, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, and the IIT RTC Labs and all their testbeds.

The impact of on-demand services on businesses is only just starting to be realized, and Flowroute is focused on leading this important trend in North America. For example linking a business’s processes with Flowroute’s APIs to accelerate collaboration and decision making, and then perhaps using Clarify’s APIs to make those conversations and decisions searchable and accessible to the rest of the organization. The possibilities are endless and should make for an exciting TADHack-mini Chicago.

Flowroute is the only carrier to empower developers, enterprises and service providers with full access to the telephone network, and real-time control of services and features, while aligning the cost of voice communication more closely with the low cost of data. These capabilities to developers and enterprises, include:

  • Carrier-level Control: Developers can add and drop phone numbers, manage routing logic, auto-fund accounts, configure Caller-ID Name Lookup and Storage, and access real-time CDR reporting for granular control and transparency of their account through Flowroute’s intuitive Web-based portal or RESTful APIs.
  • Intelligent Fraud Protection: Flowroute service-level fraud detection tools understand calling patterns and behaviors to block activities that are uncharacteristic to a user’s account instantly while account level controls let managers set limits on outbound destinations and rates.
  • Optimal Caller Experience: Flowroute routes the media files directly to the destination carrier, reducing latency, ensuring quality, and eliminating fail points found in more traditional routing.
  • On-Demand Scalability: Flowroute has set up a low variable cost financial model to enable developers to scale their calling and messaging apps without breaking the bank.

Flowroute’s resources are on the TADHack-mini Chicago main page, and also listed below:

System Config Guides
How-to Guides

Use Cases:

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