Clarify Sponsors TADHack-mini Chicago

clarifyWe are proud to announce Clarify, the API to search and understand audio and video, will be sponsoring TADHack-mini Chicago on the 3rd and 4th October at Idea Shop on IIT’s campus. We’re particularly excited about all the mash-up possibilities between Clarify and the other sponsors of TADHack which include Dialogic, Flowroute, Matrix, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, and the IIT RTC Labs with and all their testbeds.  Voice and video remain frustratingly ephemeral, hard to search, hard to know what’s hidden away in those hours, minutes or days of content.

Clarify gives developers access to the power of data hidden in their audio and video. All of the signal processing, language analysis, and complex math sits behind an easy to use API with helper libraries and quick-start guides to help developers get started in minutes.  Audio and video files are full of data. The words spoken are important; but it’s the other data such as environment, subject matter, emotions, and identity; that give us the context we need to understand the speaker’s or conversation’s intention. The really cool thing is Clarify pays attention to all of it.

Mashing up Clarify with Tropo has the potential to create some cool hypervoice hacks, its going to be an interesting hackathon 🙂

Clarify’s resources are on the TADHack-mini Chicago main page, and also listed below.

Everything is linked from here:

The quickstarts are here:

And our Github Repo is here: