Matrix Prize: A Trossen Robot!

MatrixMatrix, a founding sponsor of TADHack, has teamed up with Trossen Robotics to offer the HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton for the best hack using the Matrix platform at TADHack-mini Chicago on the 3/4 October.

The HR-OS1 is a hackable, modular, humanoid robot development platform designed from the ground up with customization and modification in mind. With a Raspberry Pi 2, webcam, wifi, bluetooth, and all of the limbs you expect for a human. Imagine the robot wandering round the Idea Shop, under the control of a Matrix room. And using the APIs from the other sponsors, e.g. Clarify to respond to verbal or visual commands. The potential is amazing, and likely to result in some hilarious events 🙂

HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton

Matrix is an open standard for decentralized persistent communication over IP. It provides simple HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations to be used anywhere you need a common data fabric to link together fragmented silos of communication. Matrix is managed by a nonprofit open source project acting as the neutral custodian for the standard.

The latest member of the Matrix team, Daniel Wagner-Hall, will be joining us for TADHack-mini Chicago. He will also be giving a tutorial on Federated Identity on Monday 5th Nov, as well as attending and speaking about the problem of fragmented communication at the IIT Real-Time Communications Conference & Expo.

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