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Developer Spotlight: Chris Matthieu, Founder of SkyNet.im

Chris Matthieu is the founder of SkyNet.im, an open source Internet of Things platform providing machine-to-machine discoverability, messaging, and analytics.  Its well worth following Chris on Twitter, he’s continuously innovating and building amazing demos, its inspiring.  We’re very excited that Chris will be involved in TADHack and can not wait to see what he comes up … Continue reading Developer Spotlight: Chris Matthieu, Founder of SkyNet.im

Tropo Developer Resources

Tropo is an API that simplifies the complex world of telephony and allows non-telephony developers to build sophisticated communications applications. Using Web languages and technologies, Tropo makes it easy to add voice and SMS your apps and includes advanced features such as speech recognition, call recording, and conferencing. Tropo is hosted in the cloud, so you … Continue reading Tropo Developer Resources

Developer Spotlight: Tim Panton, Westhawk

Tim Panton is a font of knowledge and experience in real-time communications.  We’re really excited he will be joining TADHack. Tim  is a futurist with a strong pragmatic instinct.  He takes new technologies and combines them to create something that meets an unmet need.  He does this by extensive prototyping and experimentation to see if a … Continue reading Developer Spotlight: Tim Panton, Westhawk

Announcing Metaswitch as TADHack Technology Partner

Metaswitch is supporting TADHack as a technology partner. They are a critical technology behind several of the sponsors. Metaswitch is leading the change in communication networks to a cloud-based, software-centric future. They develop openly programmable communication software that runs on standard hardware or in virtualized environments. Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater is an open-source IMS (IP Multimedia … Continue reading Announcing Metaswitch as TADHack Technology Partner

Welcome to TADHack

TADHack (Telecom Application Developer Hackathon) is a global event, created and driven by the grassroots of the industry to help developers discover the latest ways to add communications to their application, services and business processes. And compete for $20k in prize money. It is unique because it brings together all relevant telecom application development tools … Continue reading Welcome to TADHack