TADHack Winners: Madrid and Remote Part 3

The second Nexmo prize went to Arjun Kamath and Ella Kaila with Super Streamer that uses WebRTC to broadcast video, not just peer to peer.  There was a problem with the HMDI connector on Arjun’s laptop, but the key slides on how the broadcast works did appear and he battled through bravely and in the end won a prize.

super streamer nexmo

The first Tropo prize went to the remote entry from Vincent Puglia from Buffalo in NY USA called myVirtualLesson that allows golf instructors to connect to their students remotely from anywhere in the world using WebRTC for voice and sharing video real time.

vincent puglia tropo tadhack prize

The second Tropo prize went to the remote entry from Kwido in Bilbao, Spain entitled “Phone Medication Reminders for Elderly People.”

Kwido tropo

The first Solaiemes prize went to the  BMMCO (Big Markets for Micro Companies) a remote entry from Mexico from Yessica Helgueros and her team.  It is an e-store for micro and small companies, allowing them to access customers over mobile and online.

BBMCO TADHack Yessica Helgueros E-crew

The second Solaiemes prize went to Famous4Money by Jairo Canales, Francisco, Sergio, Mar, and Natalia, a humanitarian app using communications to help celebrities raise cash for causes.  It is one of the funniest pitches at TADHack.

solaiemes famous4money

Congratulations to all the winners. The hacks show a great diversity of ideas and people, diversity is essential to a successful ecosystem.  See you all again for TADHack 2015!