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WebRTC.Ventures sponsor’s Lunch and Mariana Lopez will remotely support all teams

We’re happy to announce WebRTC.Ventures will be sponsoring lunch on both days of TADHack Open. Thank you Arin and the team 🙂 WebRTC.Ventures uses the best WebRTC talent to build innovative solutions that enable the communication services of the future. Bottom-line: if you need WebRTC experts who also roll-up their sleeves and build it, they’re … Continue reading WebRTC.Ventures sponsor’s Lunch and Mariana Lopez will remotely support all teams

Get Ready for TADHack Global 2020

TADHack Global 2020 is running no matter what! TADHack Global 2020 will run across 10 locations / hubs around the world on the weekend of the 10th and 11th October 2020, plus from the comfort of your own home, we’ve accepted remote entries since our founding in 2014. A change for this year is all locations … Continue reading Get Ready for TADHack Global 2020

Location Focus: TADHack Chicago

TADHack Chicago has been part of TADHack Global since the beginning. In 2014,  we thought we’d just run TADHack in Madrid, and ended up with a global event across Manila, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Madrid, Spain; Chicago, USA; and lots of other locations around the world where people hacked from home such … Continue reading Location Focus: TADHack Chicago

TADHack-mini Chicago Winners

TADHack-mini Chicago ran over the weekend of the 3-4 October, just before the RTC Conference. We had 50 people involved with diverse backgrounds from of course IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) students; through people in finance, manufacturing, and supply; many of which were not hard-core coders. TADHacks really are for everyone. In reverse alphabetical order … Continue reading TADHack-mini Chicago Winners