TADHack-mini Orlando 2019 Summary

Orlando 2019

TADHack-mini Orlando 2019, held at Valencia College’s Collaborative Design Center, was an impressive hackathon. Thank you to Flowroute, Telesign, and VoIP Innovations for making TADHack Orlando 2019 possible. And a big thank you to all the teams in Orlando, Austin and Belgium who took part.

You can see the pictures from the event here. And all the pitch and live stream videos here.

We showcase the power of mashing up programmable telecoms / communications with a range of other services to create compelling solutions to real world problems. With some returning teams from 2018 the quality of the hacks and market readiness is impressive.

Returning teams shared stories on how their hacks in 2018 led to job offers within a month and then permanent roles. The skills people build at TADHack, the problems people solve provide compelling evidence on their abilities. Programmable telecoms / communications skills are in high demand!

We run just before Enterprise Connect 2019, which allows the winners to present at EC19 in the session Hackathon Spotlight: Programmable Communications is for Everyone. And for EC19 attendees to see what is possible. Hopefully, inspiring them to solve problems in their businesses using using the sponsors’ platforms and services.

SaveMe by Giancarlos Toro, Conner Luzier, Thiago Pereira, Vikki Horn won prizes from Flowroute ($250), Telesign ($250) and VoIP Innovations ($250 +$250 Best Buy Voucher). It is a secure video reporting app using WebRTC and SMS.

Water Watcher by Jerry Reed won prizes from Flowroute ($250) and Telesign ($125). It provides a non-intrusive home monitoring for at-risk persons. Jerry’s quite practical demonstration had the whole audience laughing.

CallNection by German Gamboa, Garrett Curtis, Vincent Tang, and Eric Good won prizes from Flowroute ($250), Telesign ($250) and VoIP Innovations ($250). Its an interesting take on the anonymous chat chat scenario. The scenario of Harold and Peaches getting to know each other was another comedic masterpiece.

City Assistant by Chris Woodle, Peter Tarsoly, Hunter Henry, Muntaser Syed won prized from Flowroute ($250), Telesign ($250) and VoIP Innovations ($250).  When you’re traveling and data is limited, the City Assistant is here to help all of your needs! Simply text it for translations, directions, and or even simple questions. It can handle all of your travel needs in a pinch. This also gets generic medication names for medications found in the FDA database, by text or images.

IAprove by Richard Dixon, Javier Carrion, David Bruno, Kevin Coleman won the VoIP Innovations prize ($250). Its an SMS multimedia approval system. They gave a Disney use case, well we are in Florida, to show how it speeds up selection and approval processes.

SmartIoTFlags by Mike Cairns from AT&T won the Telesign Prize ($125). Waiting in doctor’s offices sucks. Schedule your doctors appointments via chatbot and maintain realtime state of patient exam rooms using IoT Smart Flags.

Mike Dauphinais wrapped up the pitches with Scrappy using Flowroute. An app that scrapes electricity web site’s pricing and sends an MMS when its time to change provider. Which in Belgium you can do at any time with no penalty.

Here are the Flowroute Winners

Here are the Telesign Winners

Here are the VoIP Innovations Winners

Thanks to Valencia College, the Collaborative Design Center, and Jerry Reed for your support. To the sponsors Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations for making TADHack Orlando 2019 possible. To the partners of TADHack-mini Orlando 2019 for promoting us. And to everyone who took part both in-person and remotely.

Orlando 2019