TADHack Spotlight at Enterprise Connect 2019

Enterprise Connect 2019

On Monday at Enterprise Connect 2019 some of the TADHack-mini Orlando 2019 winners presented their hacks to the EC19 attendees.  Here is a summary of the TADHack-mini Orlando, which was made possible by Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations. We received great feedback from the audience on how impressed they are in what can be achieved in just 24 hours. Orlando should be proud!

You can see the pictures from TADHack here. And all the pitch and live stream videos from the weekend here.

I paraphrased a Sir Isaac Newton quote, when highlighting the hacks show the power of programmable telecoms / communications as the teams can “stand on the shoulders of giants.” Mashing up programmable telecoms with many other services available over the web. The hacks created show how  CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS platforms can solve problems across all aspects of people’s lives, not just in business.

I kicked things off explaining why we have a hackathon just before Enterprise Connect. There is nothing better than practical experience to learn the power of programmable telecoms / communications. BTW we’re testing out using the term CXTech to wrap-up all the relevant solutions covered by programmable telecoms / communications.

TADHack-mini Orlando helps showcase the sponsors to the EC19 audience – Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations. Its an excellent recruitment tool, not only for employees and contractors, but also for apps into for example VoIP Innovations Showroom. It brings new blood into the industry, which is sorely needed. I do not feel old attending Enterprise Connect, which is saying something these days! And most of all it keeps the sponsors’ honest. There is nothing as insightful (or as hard) as working with a diverse group of developers using your APIs, SDKs, and documentation. They are brutal – its great 🙂

I know some vendors shy away from TADHack, preferred slideware to reality. Others think TADHack is purely about developer acquisition, ignoring education, recruitment, promotion across EC19, and contributing to the growth of the industry.  Its a shame so few CXTech providers’ marketing groups understand the value of TADHack. Thankfully Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations understand and support us.

I wrapped up my intro with a brief review of all the TADHack has achieved over the passed 5 years. We’ve only scratched the surface, the early adopters, in programmable telecoms / communications.

In this weblog I show the slides given at the EC19 session.  In the summary of the TADHack-mini Orlando weblog, you can see videos of all the teams’ pitches. Given the many discussion over the passed few days, I’m going to write a weblog  on why the CXTech industry must do hackathons, what TADHack is unique and receives high praise, and why we must do hackathons differently to the BABS (Bay Area BS) machine.

SaveMe by Giancarlos Toro, Conner Luzier, Thiago Pereira, Vikki Horn won prizes from Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations. It is a secure video reporting app using WebRTC and SMS.

CallNection by German Gamboa, Garrett Curtis, Vincent Tang, and Eric Good won prizes from Flowroute, Telesign, and VoIP Innovations. Its an interesting take on the anonymous chat chat scenario. The scenario of Harold and Peaches getting to know each other was another comedic masterpiece.

City Assistant by Chris Woodle, Peter Tarsoly, Hunter Henry, Muntaser Syed won prizes from Flowroute , Telesign, and VoIP Innovations. When you’re traveling and data is limited, the City Assistant is here to help all of your needs! Simply text it for translations, directions, and or even simple questions. It can handle all of your travel needs in a pinch. This also gets generic medication names for medications found in the FDA database, by text or images.

IAprove by Richard Dixon, Javier Carrion, David Bruno, Kevin Coleman won the VoIP Innovations prize. Its an SMS multimedia approval system. They gave a Disney use case, well we are in Florida, to show how it speeds up selection and approval processes.

SmartIoTFlags by Mike Cairns from AT&T won the Telesign Prize. Waiting in doctor’s offices sucks. Schedule your doctors appointments via chatbot and maintain real-time state of patient exam rooms using IoT Smart Flags. We need more people hacking from large corporations!

Thanks to Enterprise Connect, No Jitter, Michelle Burbick and Eric Krapf for your continued support. Thanks to Valencia College, the Collaborative Design Center, and Jerry Reed for your support. To the sponsors Flowroute, Telesign and VoIP Innovations for making TADHack Orlando 2019 possible. To the partners of TADHack-mini Orlando 2019 for promoting us. And to everyone who took part both in-person and remotely.

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  1. Thanks for the great write up Alan! I had a fun time helping people set up their projects and was very impressed with everyone’s final pitches. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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