What’s the point of TADHack-mini Orlando?

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein.

The point of TADHack-mini Orlando is to provide experience and hence real knowledge in the domain of programmable telecoms.

Telecoms is now democratized so anyone can program with it. You can add programmable voice, calling, text messages (SMS and IM), audio and video messages, video calling, faxing (yep, fax still exists), secure communications and authentication, decentralized communications, unified communications, contact center as a service, unified comms and collaboration, payments, and much much more through easy to use APIs/SDKs, and even easier to use GUIs.

Programmable Telecoms is everything to do with communications between people and things that can be controlled by software on your phone/laptop, in the cloud, or in your business.

Almost every weekend there are hackathons taking place in cities around the world. Here’s why TADHack-mini Orlando is different and worth your time:

  • We’re just before Enterprise Connect, it gives you a great chance to gain knowledge through practical experience across multiple APIs and platforms you’ll see at the conference. Get ahead of your competition with real knowledge in programmable telecoms. The platforms and APIs are getting easier and easier to use, you no longer need to be a hard-core coder. You can see the winners from TADHack-mini Orlando last year were a diverse group of people from many backgrounds.
  • We help people solve real world problems that matter to them. You can read here about how Utku solved a problem he faced at work, and Justin solved a problem he faces with an elderly relative and a distributed family.
  • TADHack is for everyone, we try our best to promote diversity across students, graphic designers, project managers, product managers, IT Managers, Enterprise Connect attendees, computer programmers, interested individuals, and subject-matter-experts.
  • We encourage remote entries. You do not have to be physically at TADHack-mini Orlando to take part. We accept remote entries, here’s a fun remote entry from last year by Mike.
  • Local community impact. We’re collaborating with Code for Orlando again this year to have some of the hacks make a difference in Orlando.
  • Promotion: All the hacks are recorded, published, and blogged about. Winners also can present if they want at Enterprise Connect 2018 to promote their idea / themselves to an audience that includes many Enterprises and start-ups from around the world.
  • Tools and processes to build world-changing innovations. We have resources on design thinking and effectuation, check out the last presentation in this weblog by Philippe Vayssac from Groupama.
  • Support from a global TADHack community.  We have a Slack group so you have support before, during, and after the event. Note we’re migrating the group over to riot.im soon as Slack is too expensive / unmanageable for a 2k+ community.
  • Follow-up, not only do we have community support, we have events like TADSummit so share experiences and best practices.
  • Its a win:win:win for everyone involved. Generates real-world demand for the sponsors, promotes everyone involved, and empowers people to solve problems that matter to them!
  • Plus its free to take part, we have cash prizes, and you’ll have fun gaining knowledge.

Our focus is programmable telecoms, we think its immensely powerful and important for everyone to learn. That’s why we have a global community helping people innovate and make a difference in their lives using programmable telecoms.

As Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” TADHack delivers that experience in programmable telecoms.

Join us at TADHack-mini Orlando 2018, 10-11 March.