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TADHack Global 2019 Winners

Its a wrap for TADHack Global 2019, we’ll announced all the location and global 2019 winners in this weblog. Thank you to everyone taking part in TADHack Global 2019. You’re part of something special, talent and innovation are everywhere! We hope taking part in TADHack helps make a difference in your life. Below is the … Continue reading TADHack Global 2019 Winners

What’s the point of TADHack-mini Orlando?

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein. The point of TADHack-mini Orlando is to provide experience and hence real knowledge in the domain of programmable telecoms. Telecoms is now democratized so anyone can program with it. You can add programmable voice, calling, text messages (SMS and IM), audio and video messages, video calling, … Continue reading What’s the point of TADHack-mini Orlando?