Dialogic solves a WebRTC NAT problem for TADHack in days with Ubuntu Juju

webrtc dialogic ubuntu juju nat stun turn serverDialogic solved a WebRTC NAT (Network Address Translation) problem for TADHack in days with Ubuntu Juju and now anybody can use the solution in minutes.

Mid May I contacted Ubuntu and explained that one of the sponsors suggested that at TADHack we setup a TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT) and STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) server for the June event to ensure WebRTC hacks worked smoothly.

Many developers love the in-browser multi-media communication standard WebRTC.  However, at big events IP address translations often get in the way. The solution is setting up a TURN server. TADHack had many satellite offices around the world so manually setting up multiple TURN servers was not really the ideal solution.

So Ubuntu contacted Dialogic. Dialogic are experts in media-rich communications using an open source TURN server project they created a Juju charm for it.

So now at any WebRTC event that needs a TURN server it can be set one up in two clicks. Ubuntu and myself would like to thank Dialogic for coming up with a solution on such short notice.  You can see the Ubuntu weblog here.