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Quick Summary of TADHack Global Day 1

Thank you to everyone taking part in TADHack Global 2019. You’re part of something special; talent and innovation is everywhere! We hope taking part in TADHack makes a difference in your life. With TADHack Global 2019 Day 1 coming to a close, here are some highlights created over the day. Thanks to our global sponsors … Continue reading Quick Summary of TADHack Global Day 1

Location Focus: TADHack Johannesburg (TADHackJHB)

TADHack Johannesburg (TADHackJHB) is the largest TADHack location. This year we’re anticipating over 200 people taking part, registrations are already over 450! MTN South Africa do an amazing job running TADHack Johannesburg, since 2016, making it one of the longest running hackathons in South Africa. TADHackJHB even made it onto breakfast TV in 2016!  Thanks … Continue reading Location Focus: TADHack Johannesburg (TADHackJHB)