IntelePeer Sponsors TADHack-mini Orlando

intelepeerWe’re excited to announce IntelePeer as a 2020 sponsor of TADHack-mini Orlando.

IntelePeer delivers an omni-channel communications platform as a service built for the enterprise, Atmosphere® CPaaS. They believe that business communications are meant for more than just simple interactions – they should enable businesses to deliver truly delightful experiences.

With their voice, messaging, ready-to-use applications, open APIs, and real time analytics, companies can build and integrate communications-enabled workflows to create world-class customer experiences and improve business processes through automation. Their full-stack solution is backed by a rock-solid network and a team of experts who provide nothing but award-winning customer service.

Building on the intelligent assistant theme of Enterprise Connect TADHack Orlando, developers can focus their hacks on a specific use case scenario that will improve a business process by implementing chat bots or virtual assistants using technologies like IBM Watson Assistant or Google Dialogflow. IntelePeer makes it quick and easy to build out comprehensive communications flows using their Atmosphere® SmartFlows (see video below), Engage, and Analytics platforms. There’s $1k in prize money available for hacks built on Intelepeer.

For those attending Enterprise Connect 2020, make sure to mark the “Hackathon Report: Focus on Intelligent Agents/Assistants” at 2:00 PM on Monday 30th March in Room Sun D. You’ll see the power of Intelepeer’s  Atmosphere® CPaaS and the ease with which solutions (hacks) can be created within only 24 hours to solve real-world problems. It’s going to be fun!