Thank You TADHackers from Temasys

Dear TADHackers!
It was great to see you in person and virtually over the weekend of TADHack Mini Orlando! We wanted to touch base and remind you of the special offers you get for using the Temasys Platform during TADHack.

1) Free “Unlimited” account usage for the month of April 2017!
If you signed up for a Temasys account and set up your application key at the TADHack event, the application key you used is already set up for free unlimited usage of all services including TURN and MCU, for the month of April.

2) Take your hack to the next level!
Are you trying to enhance or complete your application, and need help working with our SDKs and APIs? We want to help you succeed! You can reach out to our support team at any time over the next 30 days, to get help working with our APIs and SDKs.

3) As promised: T-shirts and Swag!
We mentioned this at the event in Orlando. As promised we have created a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate TADHack 2017, just for you, as a special gift for participating in TADHack Mini and for trying out the Temasys Platform. Your team members also qualify for this offer and if they didn’t register for a Temasys account, they can do so now. They can get in on the goods by going to the following link and completing this form:

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Did you see the news?

Read Alan Quayle’s event recap, here. And, NoJitter highlighted all of the pitches and prize winners here. Lastly, here’s Temasys’s own recap of the event. Enjoy!

Again, we want to thank you for working with Temasys and we hope you enjoyed TADHack Mini Orlando 2017. Look out for future TADS events, including TADHack Global in September 2017!  You can join in the fun remotely or at one of the many locations where TADHack Global will be taking place, worldwide!