TADHack Global 2017 Announced

TADHack Global 2017TADHack Global 2017 will run across 30+ locations around the world at the end of September. Locations will run on one of two weekends: 23 – 24 September or 29 Sept – 1 Oct. We tried to keep it to one weekend, but given the complexity of running such a massive global event, we added a second weekend to make it work for everyone. Click on your preferred location from the main TADHack Global page for details; remote hacks can submit on either weekend.

The TADHack Global 2017 website is in development, so please bear with us, most locations are live and open for registration, a few are still in development. In the coming months we’ll be adding sponsors, locations, partners, resources, exciting new challenges, and much more. TADHack Global 2017 will be bigger, better, and more focused on helping make a difference locally and helping more hacks become live services and new businesses.

Whether you’re a hacker, hustler or hipster (developer, business-type or designer); TADHack has something for you. Check out all the locations we have planned, click on your preferred location, and register to reserve your place.  You’ll learn about adding programmable telecoms to your apps, services or business; be able to share your experiences with others; do some “coding”; and potentially create a winning hack that makes a difference in your community!

A big thank you to our global sponsors Matrix, Telestax and Temasys. And the many partners running locations around the world. Without them all TADHack Global would not be possible.

TADHack is a unique hackathon not only because its a massive global event, but also because:

  • We bring many technologies together so you can compare, contrast, understand how they can be mashed up, and decide what is right for you. TADHack is not focused on one vendor, its focused on the whole category of telecom app development.
  • Yes, we used the T-word, telecom is short for telecommunications which means communications over a distance. Its a vast group of technologies which are now programmable, democratized for anyone to use. Its not about your carrier; or overly complex, acronym-laden technologies. Its about connecting people with people, and people with things.
  • Non-telecom sponsors such as Carrefour, a French multi-national retailer, understand the importance of telecom app development and sponsored TADHack in 2016, setting a challenge that had 24 hacks created from around the world over just one weekend.
  • Your hack is your intellectual property (IP Rights, IPR) at TADHack, we make no claims. We hope though TADHack you’re able to promote yourself, your idea or service, and get it to market. Many corporate hackathons are used to gather IPR from developers on the cheap, we do not do that.
  • We’re open, this isn’t about being the best coder, though we have some amazing coders take part. Its about your ideas and using TADHack to make part of your idea come to life using the sponsors’ technologies.
  • We have more and more first-time hackers taking part, who discover they love spending a weekend learning, sharing, coding and creating. Making new friends, achieving something they did not think would be possible in just one weekend, and bringing that intense experience back into their everyday life. I know I say this too often, but TADHack is for Everyone.
  • We share the love, we offer many cash prizes. Last year we had 3000 registrations resulting in 208 impressive hacks being created around the world, with over $75k won in cash. Bringing a Millennium Falcon drone back home, while cool, isn’t something you can easily share with your family. While cash is easy to share, like a meal with your partner who was looking after the kids that weekend, or a gift for a loved one that had a weekend mainly on their own.
  • We promote the people who take part. Many hackathons are ephemeral, there are some tweets, perhaps a blog post, but its all focused on the sponsor, not the people taking part. At TADHack we stream the event live, we also record the event, edit the pitches up to create content that you can use, for example on your resume or Linkedin profile. Check out the TADHack YouTube channel as well as the blog. Also TADMentor is available for you all year round.
  • We’re friendly, I know this may sound a little odd, but it is important to make people feel comfortable. Coming to an event, where there is no one you know is daunting. Here is a quote from one of the winners from TADHack-mini Orlando, ” I wanted to thank you again for organizing this event. I really enjoyed it and I felt very comfortable being there. “

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