TADHack Paris Webinar

ParisTADHack Paris will run over the weekend of the 12th and 13th December at the NUMA Sentier in Paris, just before the WebRTC Conference and Expo. The Hackathon will focus on WebRTC as well as the sponsors’ resources: Apidaze, Circuit by Unify, Matrix.org, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, and VoxImplant. We hope to have a couple more sponsors announced in the next month; and a couple of special announcements / surprises in the run up to the event.

Its a chance to meet an amazing group of technologists and industry leaders from around the world in a relaxed technology-focused hackathon that runs over the weekend. And compete for the $7k prize money available, each sponsor has $1k prize they will decide how to allocate.

The sponsors include:

  • Apidaze – on-demand communications services. Add Real Time Voice, Video, Messaging into your VoIP, Web & Mobile Apps.
  • Circuit by Unify – is an enterprise WebRTC based team communication and collaboration cloud service.
  • Matrix.org – open standard for decentralized communication.
  • Telestax – the guys behind the open source project Mobicents and creators of an open market for telephony apps
  • Tropo – automate communications, connecting your code to the phone network with both voice and messaging.
  • Truphone  – the world’s coolest MVNO, used by the rich, famous, Russian oligarchs, and lots of geeks.
  • VoxImplant – cloud platform for developing real-time communication apps with full control over all voice and video calls.

We’re running a webinar on 24th November at 5PM CET to introduce all the sponsors and Randy Resnick (who will be performing on Saturday 12th December with the Randy Resnick Trio at TADHack Paris). Join us at TADHack Paris to meet great people, enjoy some fun hacking, and listen to cool tunes 🙂