Wrap-up Your Year with TADHack Paris

numa paris location of tadhack parisTADHack Paris will run over the weekend of the 12th and 13th December at NUMA Sentier at 39 rue du Caire Paris, just before the WebRTC Conference and Expo. The Hackathon will focus on WebRTC as well as the sponsors’ resources: Apidaze, Circuit by Unify, Matrix, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, and VoxImplant. The sponsors provide an introduction to themselves and their resources in this TADHack Paris webinar.

We accept remote entries for all TADHacks, so if you can not make it to Paris, you can still take part. Entry instructions are at the end of this weblog.

TADHack Paris a chance to meet an amazing group of technologists and industry leaders from around the world in a relaxed technology-focused hackathon that runs over the weekend. And compete for the $7k prize money available, each sponsor has $1k prize they decide how to allocate. And get free access to the WebRTC Expo and present your hack for further promotion – all for free.

The Randy Resnick Trio will be performing during the evening of Saturday 12th December. We have beer and pizza planned on Saturday (it is a hackathon), and drinks and snacks to wrap-up the event on Sunday. Join us at TADHack Paris to meet great people, enjoy some fun hacking, and listen to cool tunes 🙂 We find TADHack is as much about discovering joint business and employment opportunities as it is about hacking.

Randy Resnick Trio performing at tadhack paris
You do not need to be a hard-core coder, TADHack is for everyone. Just go to the TADHack Paris site to check out the sponsors resources, and register.

Wrap-up your year with TADHack Paris – it will be a nice geeky way to finish the year before the holidays. Don’t forget to register!

For those taking part in TADHack remotely, for submitting a remote video pitch the format is:

  • 5 minutes maximum, this is a strict limit.
  • Introduce you / the team (and team name if you have one)
  • Introduce the hack / showcase name and a brief description
  • List the sponsor’s resources used in the hack (which sponsors should judge your hack)
  • Explain the hack, can be done through a simple presentation / demo / a little acting, whatever you / the team wants to do.

Please send your pitch video through by close of day 12th December (Saturday) to info (at) tadhack (dot) com by wetransfer. And as a back-up if you could also upload your video to YouTube –  this will ensure the video will be viewed by the judges no matter what happens. Also please send an email to info (at) tadhack (dot) com with the wetransfer URL, YouTube URL and details contained in your video so we get your entry judged by the right sponsors and we have all your information correct:

  • Wetransfer URL, YouTube URL
  • The team name and members (this can just be your name)
  • Hack / Showcase name and a brief description
  • List the sponsor’s resources used in the hack (which sponsors should judge your hack)

All hacks will be promoted on the TADHack YouTube channel, we want to write weblogs on all of them. TADHack is focused on promoting developers. If you have time and are able to draft a weblog about your entry in the coming weeks / months, that would be great. You can see others on the TADHack weblog. A suggested weblog structure is:

  • Introduce the team and their backgrounds, as well as the company if the entry is from a company;
  • Describe the hack, a deeper dive into how you created the hack and its functionality, for example the libraries used and some of the problems you faced;
  • Share any code / links / demos that are available; and
  • Any other information you think relevant.

Thanks to everyone who is planning to take part TADHack Paris, its going to be a special event. We want TADHack to help you grow your businesses.