TADHack Location Winners

location winnersThe winners from the 14 TADHack locations running around the world are reviewed in this weblog. The Global Winners are reviewed in this weblog. TADHack 2015 was roughly doubled the size of last year, with close to 1400 registrations, 800+ attendees and 90+ hacks. It was an intense experience for everyone involved. Cooperation between teams was amazing, diversity is important to winning and the sponsors had an intense couple of days as developers hacked hard on their APIs and platforms. We even had entries such as WebRTC Security by Alan Johnston and his team, which was not pitching for a prize, rather using TADHack as a platform to promote an important security issue on ‘man in the middle attacks’ with WebRTC. But onto the Location prizes:


Bandgladesh: Comp_EX by Yeasin Ar Rahman, Khalid Ibn Zinnah, Sadiqul Islam and Mahtabul Alam who won the $1k location prize with a hack providing on demand services for finding Repairman, Labour, Machanics, Electricians.
bandgladesh hsenid mobile

Buenos Aires: SmartHealth by María José Bogado and Gustavo Hansen who won Iquall Networks’ $1k prize. A hack using IoT health sensors (fitbit, wristbands, headbands, etc) to keep statistics, user patterns and in case of emergency make a call.

buenos aires iquall netowrks

Chicago: BNG 911 by Abed Arnaout, a voice to text/text to voice 911 service.

Chicago IIT RTC

Dublin: Multi-Call by Jose Dominguez, Jorge Barata, and Adrià Massanet who won the $1k Dublin prize Sponsored by Eircom. Hack enabled incoming calls to be touted to different locations including a IPTV.

DublinIsrael: joint winners: Invisible Accident Prevention < >   by Shimon Doodki who won $500 with a hack focused on saving Lives by resolving accidents that can’t be forseen.

Israel: joint winners: WeEverywhere by Alexei Ilin who won $500 with a hack focused on real time event sharing.

Istanbul: joint winners: Tweecommand by Enis Getmez, Alkin Kaz, Can Erdogan, Ege Mert Ozenir and Alperen Kitapci who won $500. The team used Twitter APIs to control a PC and print something from the printer by sending Tweets. They were young team(15 years old each) and they put in a lot of effort.

Istanbul Istanbul: joint winners: InternetOfCoffee by Bertug Berkay Yemen and Fatih Tunahan Dumanli who won $500. Using HTTP REST Api and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, the team controlled coffee machine connected to Intel Edison via Relay (Control is over a Windows phone App) IstanbulLondon joint winner: Source Protector by Roderick Hodgson who won $750 with voice anonymizer for journalistic sources. Dialogic London

London joint winner: MemChat  < > by Leslie Drewery who won $750 for his hack to aid for dementia suffers.

Dialogic London

London joint winner: SmlessConf by Phaninder Pasupula who won $750 with seamless conferencing within Matrix chat room

London Dialogic

Madrid Winner: Play My Band by Carlos Torrenti, Carlos Verdes, Jaime Casero who won $1k with a musical video game with multiplayer (up to 3 players) based on WebRTC.


Madrid Honorable Mention: Free Messages by Jason Jimenez. Generic chat client allowing various types of chatrooms 1) Severless peer-to-peer chatroom; 2) Local chatroom without Internet connection with clients connected over WIFI or Bluetooth; 3) Public Internet chatroom server. Developed with Python Django and HTML5 and Apache Cordova.


Madrid Honorable Mention: Web Recording Machine by Wenwen Zhang, and Andres Vargas. Web application for audio chat with addictional voice messaging system based on the WebRTC Lynckia/Licode open source platform.

Madrid UPM

Melbourne: Rent Reminder by Selin and Lee, a service for renters and landlords. Selin is a CX designer at NAB and Lee is a IT Graduate at Telstra. They are getting married in November 2016. They’ve had this idea for a while but they started developing 13th June 2015 and finished 14th June 2015 – 24 Hours worth is what you see Telstra Melbourne

Raleigh Winner: Arjun Madan and Rohit Poduval who won the $1k location prize with the hack Search the web with SMS.

Raleigh bandwidth

Raleigh Winner: Best hack using Bandwidth and Telestax: Team Call Rail (John Ledbetter, Jake Swanson) with GoPhone who won $1k with their an instant call center in a box.


Raleigh Winner: Most Ready for Market Award: Burner team (Yeghishe Piruzyan, Will Carter, Greg Cohn) who won a Oculus Rift development kit with the Hot Potato app from Adhoc Labs with a Team Calling iOS App.burner raleigh

Raleigh Winner: Most Disruptive App: Erol Toker and John Ryan of ?Trulywireless  who won a drone with Two Touch a hack on the UX and discovery of short code messaging use cases.

Two Touch raleigh

Raleigh Winner: Best College Hack: Roman Myers who won $750 with his hack Catfacts to search and access Wikipedia via SMS/MMS. catfacts raleigh

Raleigh Winner: Most Intuitive App: Hunter Enoch & Matt Gorton who won an Apple watch with their hack One Step Beyond, an on demand Anonymous SMS via Web/Mobile.

one step beyond raleigh

Sri Lanka Winner: Car Park M-pay System by Sajith Udayanga, Sandun Maduranga, and Shivika Pussewela, who won the $1k Sri Lanka prize. An innovative solution for easy car parking through mobile.

Sri Lanka winner hsenid mobile

Sri Lanka 1st Runner Up: eCarry by Chathura Kankanamge, Nuwan Chathuranga, Anushka Mahesh,  Damith Karunarathne, Manoj Fernando who won free Dialog TV connection and subscription for 12 months. An on-demand / ad-hoc courier service to utilize empty space in vehicles.

Sri Lanka hsenid mobile

Sri Lanka 2nd Runner Up: Greeen Project by Haritha Thilakarathne, Thejan Rajapakshe, Milinda Laknath Arambawela, Tharinda Rodrigo and Lahiru Rathnayaka who won free Dialog 4G and subscription for 12 months. An interactive portal that interconnects the households & waste recycling centers.

sri lanka hsenid mobile

Well done to everyone who took part in TADHack!