Welcome to TADHack Global 2023 Video

Thank you to everyone who has registered for TADHack Global 2023. Here’s a short video welcoming everyone to TADHack and a quick guide to all the resources and how to submit your pitch video .

Here are the links shown in the video:

Check out this guide to get the most out of TADHack. Its time to make sure you’ve signed up to the Sponsors’ Resources.

To win cash prizes you must hack on the global sponsors’ technologies. This year we have:
Stacuity. Mobile connectivity for IoT. You’ll need a SIM sent to you in the mail, which can take 2+ weeks to arrive. Once you receive the SIM get is activated to make sure everything is working;
Jambonz. Open source voice platform; and
Radisys. Engage Digital is a programmable communication and digital engagement platform. The platform gives developers API’s, SDK’s and low code, no code visual design tools to develop AI based communication and Industry 4.0 applications for consumers as well enterprises; and
STROLID. vCon is the new global standard, a ‘PDF for conversations’ (their resources are coming soon).

Thank you for being part of TADHack, have fun, and good luck!