New sponsor DSF, bigger prize pot

We have a new TADHack sponsor, DLT Science Foundation, who bring an additional $2.5k to the TADHack prize pot. Remember to mash-up the sponsors, this way you win more prizes!

We’re also hoping to add one more in-person location in Belgrade, and further increase the prize pot! More coming on that soon.

DSF fosters a knowledge-sharing collaborative model between academia, industry, developers and government to advance education, research and innovation of distributed ledger technologies in business and society. We thank UCL and in particular Niall Roche a long-time supporter of TADHack; and Katerina Sanchez-Schilling for making this possible.

The technology is Hedera, a decentralized, open-source, proof-of-stake public ledger that utilizes the leaderless, asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) hashgraph consensus algorithm. It is governed by a collusion-resistant, decentralized council of leading enterprises, universities, and web3 projects from around the world.

To win cash prizes from the global prize pot, you must hack on the global sponsors’ technologies. This year we have:
Stacuity. Mobile connectivity for IoT;
Jambonz. Open source voice platform; and
Radisys. An amazing drag and drop development platform, for loads of resources including communications, speech recognition, natural language processing, and video analysis; and
STROLID. vCon is the new global standard, a ‘PDF for conversations’ (their resources are coming soon).