Check out the dev resources for TADHack Global, 21-22 October 2023

It’s over 2 months to TADHack Global 21-22 Oct, however, I recommend you have a look at the developer resources now. Either on the landing page or your preferred location page we have a Developer Resources section, just click on the logo for the resources you seek. This year Stacuity will be sending their SIMs to developers around the world. You need the SIMs to use Stacuity’s resources.

The sooner you sign up for the Stacuity SIMs the more likely you are to receive them before the event. You know the usual problems, SIMs gets sent, you wait 2 weeks and nothing arrives, you wait a little longer then ask for another. When the replacement SIMs arrive over one month has passed.

Hence why were asking people to look at the developer resources earlier than normal this year.

To win cash prizes you must hack on the global sponsors’ technologies. This year we have:
Stacuity. Mobile connectivity for IoT;
Jambonz. Open source voice platform; and
Radisys. An amazing drag and drop development platform, for loads of resources including communications, speech recognition, natural language processing, and video analysis; and
STROLID. vCon is the new global standard, a ‘PDF for conversations’ (their resources are coming soon).

My advice remains the same as every year, mash up the sponsors, it increases your chances of winning a cash prize.

Thank you to our sponsors for making TADHack Global possible. Thank you to everyone running locations around the world, and most of all thank you to all the hackers using programmable communications to solve problems that matter to them!