It’s time to sign up to the TADHack Global Developer Resources

The weekend before TADHack is the best time to review the TADHack Global Sponsor Intro Videos AND sign up to their Developer Resources:

  • – conversation intelligence
  • jambonz – open source telecoms
  • Subspace – faster than light real-time communications 😉
  • AWA_Network – SMS delivered your way
  • Telnyx – full suite of programmable communications

I know the inclination is to leave signing up to the day of TADHack, but for Subspace you must leave time to talk with them one-on-one during the week so they can set you up.  You’d better get that Subspace slot booked ASAP!

In addition to the TADHack prize pot covering Local and Global prizes, we have 2 additional bonus prizes:

Come on Sri Lanka and South Africa mash up the global sponsors with the local sponsors and win some of those Global $$$. If you get eliminated during the selection process in South Africa, you can still take part remotely in TADHack Global using the global sponsors for a chance to win. Never give up!

We’ll be presenting the results of TADHack at Enterprise Connect 2021 on Monday 27th Sept. Get your free virtual pass to EC21 here, you’ll see some of the TADHack winners from around the world presenting 🙂 It could be you!