Developer Resources Webinar, Tuesday 29th September

TADHack Popayán

For everyone who has registered for TADHack Global 2020 we’re running two Developer Resources Webinars on Tuesday 29th September at:

It’s a chance to get an introduction to the sponsors’ resources as well as ask any questions. We’ll record the sessions, so if you can not make either session, you can still catch up on what happened. And you can ask questions in the comments section of this weblog as well.

The Global Sponsor Resources are here:

For Chicago / North America the additional Intepeer and resources are here:

The plan for each webinar is:

    • Welcome from Alan Quayle, founder of TADHack (5 mins + Q&A)
    • Simwood from Jared Smith, Charles Chance, and Sabrina Bassi (10 mins + Q&A). Slides from presentation are here.

    • Avaya CPaaS, Andrew Serensits (afternoon session) (10 mins + Q&A)

    • Avaya Cloud Office APIs (RingCentral), Mike Stowe (10 mins + Q&A)

    • Intelepeer from Coralina Brito, Adam Klodner, and Nelson Medina (10 mins + Q&A)

    •, Charlie Beckwith, and Vlad (10 mins + Q&A)

We’ll send out the URL for this webinar on Monday 28th Sept, to everyone who has registered for TADHack Global. If you did not receive, please let me know.

Here is the link for the full webinar video (morning session). And here is the full webinar video for the afternoon session with the first couple of minutes missing as I forgot to press record, doh!

TADHack Popayán