Sponsors TADHack Chicago / North America


We’re proud to announce will sponsor TADHack Chicago / North America. They have a $1K prize for the best hack(s) built on their API from Chicago / North America and will provide free trial credits to any developers using their API.

Symbl is an API platform for developers and businesses to rapidly deploy conversational intelligence at scale, on any communication channel.

Symbl’s APIs unlock machine learning algorithms that can ingest any form of conversational data to identify actionable insights across domains and channels (voice, email, chat, social); without the need for upfront training data, wake words, or custom classifiers.

They can easily be mashed up with all the other TADHack sponsors. Remember mashing-up increases your chances of winning.

Some ideas to get your juices flowing so you can deliver a cool hack rather than thinking about building or training your own language understanding engine:

  • You could use Symbl’s Real-Time Telephony API for any SIP or PBX applications that you will build using Asterisk or Simwood to develop powerful conversational intelligence workflows.
  • If you are using Avaya or Intelepeer to add different communications channels on your app whether via voice or text you can use Symbl to generate contextual insights across multiple touchpoints on those channels of communication.
  • You can use recordings using files or URLs directly within Symbl’s platform to generate transcription and insights or if you using call recordings and/or transcriptions as a source – you could use Symbl’s Text API to derive insights like Topics, Questions, Actions items, Follow-ups, all out of the box applied to human conversations with no training data.
  • Furthermore, if you are building a video or audio chat app (Using WebRTC or using a CPaaS platform like Twilio, TokBox, etc.), you can use Symbl’s Real-time WebSocket based Voice API to generate actionable insights with multiple audio streams with speaker separation.

We’re excited to see what you create.

Check out Symbl’s developer documentation page: to see all the APIs available.

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