TADHackANZ, More than a Hackathon

tadhackanzOne aspect of TADHack is we bring many smart, influential and knowledgeable people together focused on programmable telecoms. TADHackANZ have a number of interviews and presentations live-streaming over this weekend, you can see them on the TADHack YouTube channel. We have a playlist dedicated to the live streams from all locations, so you can watch the interviews either live or recorded. Below is the schedule over Saturday 23rd Sept and Sunday 24th Sept, all times Australian Eastern Standard .

TADHackANZ Saturday 23 September

  •  11:00am QUT Foundry – Introductions and who are they? Speaking with Angela Dahlke and Graham Fellows, the community managers of QUT Foundry.
  •  11:30am Trumbull Unmanned – They are out here as part of Advanced QLD program HotDesQ. Trumbull Unmanned safely integrates and flies drones in challenging and austere environments to collect and analyze data. http://www.trumbullunmanned.com
  •  12:00pm Zero Day Solutions (BNE) – They are a Brisbane based cybersecurity company. We are computer security researchers who focus on long-term security strategies for our clients. https://zerodaysolutions.net/
  •  12:30pm Dr Monique Mann is a lecturer at the School of Justice, and a member of the Crime and Justice Research Centre (CJRC) and the Intellectual Property and Innovation Law (IPIL) Research Group, in the Faculty of Law at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Monique is advancing a program of socio-legal research on the intersecting topics of police technology, transnational policing and surveillance. http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/mannm3/
  •  1:00pm Dr Matthew Rimmer is a Professor in Intellectual Property and Innovation Law at the Faculty of Law, at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is a leader of the QUT Intellectual Property and Innovation Law research program, and a member of the QUT Digital Media Research Centre (QUT DMRC) the QUT Australian Centre for Health Law Research (QUT ACHLR), and the QUT International Law and Global Governance Research Program. Rimmer has published widely on copyright law and information technology, patent law and biotechnology, access to medicines, plain packaging of tobacco products, intellectual property and climate change, and Indigenous Intellectual Property. http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/rimmer/
  •  1:30pm Kara Burns has just finished a PhD Candidate investigating the role of the patient generated health data and its effect on patient engagement and reflecting the patient experience. Why patient engagement? Apart from being dubbed the ‘blockbuster drug of the century’ research shows that engaged patients are cheaper for the health system and have better health outcomes.
  •  2:00pm Prof Rafael Gomez (GER) is co-leader of the Design Fabrication Theme for the QUT Design Lab and is a prominent researcher in the field of emotional experience, wearable tech and 3D printing. He is also coordinator of second year Industrial Design, School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at QUT. http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/gomezr/

TADHack ANZ Sunday 24 September

  •  11:00am muru-D – Introductions and who are they? Speaking with Julie Trell, the CEO of muru-D
  •  11:30am SiteSee (BNE) – SiteSee’s web accessible software as a service (SaaS) enables clients to remotely visualise and analyse their critical infrastructure within an interactive real-world environment. Make informed decisions, reduce costs and improve safety by accurately understanding the true condition of your infrastructure without leaving the office. http://www.sitesee.com.au/
  •  12:00pm Travello App (BNE) was the brainchild of two avid travellers, Ryan and Mark. They noticed there was no efficient way for travellers to connect with other travellers when they arrived at a destination. And also no way to communicate with travellers in the location they were heading to. Facebook just wasn’t cutting it! http://www.travelloapp.com
  •  12:30pm Abyss Solutions (SYD) – The founders of Abyss strongly believe that the last exploration frontier, the oceans, are a gold mine of challenges that their combined skills and vision can solve. Before going to the depths of Mariana trench, Abyss tackled issues closer to home in the form of urban water infrastructure inspection and maintenance. This application is critical to the sustainability and safety of all cities and towns. http://abysssolutions.co/
  •  1:00pm FluroSat (ADL) combines state-of-the-art remote sensing technology and sophisticated analysis pipelines to provide solutions to compelling problems of modern crop production, such as stress identification, efficient resource inputs and maintenance of yield. https://www.flurosat.com/