Finland’s Apifonica becomes the latest TADHack Global sponsor

logo_white copyWe’re pleased to announce Apifonica is the latest TADHack Global 2017 sponsor.

Apifonica is a communications API provider based in Helsinki (Finland), with direct connection to over 120 carrier networks in 46 countries. As of July 2017, Apifonica’s solutions enable voice calls, SMS messaging and phone numbers inventory management for web and mobile applications serving more than a hundred million users worldwide.

Apifonica sees its mission in becoming a unified interface to global telecom infrastructure by ensuring messages and voice delivery across the globe. It strives to furnish developers with a uniform and consistent tool for deployment of SMS and voice-enabled apps across the largest single market in the world: the European Union, and beyond. Apifonica takes pride in its deep knowledge of the immense complexity of the traditional telecom’s inner workings, which is crucial to ensure both messages’ delivery and superb quality of voice connection while maintaining competitive pricing.

Apifonica’s 3 core products are:

  • SMS API: Programmatic access to SMS sending and reception, necessary to build text messaging  solutions including two-way texting, SMS chats, two-factor authentication, trigger based notifications, message broadcasting and anything else.
  • Voice API: Facilitates the establishment, control and termination of voice calls between fixed, mobile and SIP endpoints, and enables fast deployment of all kinds of voice chat, call back, web call, and voice response software solutions.
  • Phone Numbers Inventory management by means of API call enables instant acquisition and release of phone numbers in dozens of countries, along with non-geographical SIP numbers.

Some example use cases from Apifonica’s customers include bulk texting, 2-way authentication, automated appointment reminders via voice & SMS, SMS alerts on tech assets malfunction and programmable IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

The World’s 4th largest classifieds ads website with more than 30 million active ads listed uses Apifonica’s disposable phone numbers to enable safe in-app communication between its users.

Eastern Europe’s largest ride-hailing service uses Apifonica to notify passengers about vehicle’s arrival by SMS. Since 2011, the service has served more than a hundred million rides in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia.

We feel honored to be granted an opportunity to support TADHack Global. We strongly believe that we are entering a new era of user interfaces. The growth of the AI and increase in computing power will inevitably enable the most natural way of communication between the machine and the human: by means of voice and written natural word. As a provider of the infrastructure enabling this conversation between machines and humans, we are here to share this belief with the people who shape tomorrow’s tech and therefore, shape tomorrow’s way of life”, – said Janne Timonen, Managing director at Apifonica.

We’re proud Apifonica are sponsoring TADHack Global. Programmable Telecoms is powerful and Apifonica are an impressive example of how these powerful APIs can be used to solve many business problems” – stated TADHack’s Alan Quayle. “We’re excited to see what people create using the Apifonica APIs at TADHack Global 2017.”