List of TADHack Hacks

TADHack Global 2017

This weblog provides a list of the 408 TADHack hacks created so far. The data is distributed over the weblogs and YouTube, we’re simply consolidating it into one place. The list covers the hack name, team members, sponsor resources used, description, and link to the pitch video. Its amazing the creativity displayed in this list, all using programmable Telecoms.

Some of the trends over the years are: the rise of collaboration in 2016 for applications outside the enterprise, the rise of video in solving many day to day problems, IoT has remained a throughout TADHack’s existence, the increasing percentage of hacks being taken to market, and the number of people getting great jobs through their involvement in TADHack. I think one area, that has had hacks in 2015, 2016 and 2017; but will likely rise in popularity for TADHack Global 2017 is machine learning.

Enjoy the list!

Thanks to all the many TADHack sponsors over the years: Matrix, hSenid Mobile, DataArt, Temasys, Telestax, Tropo, Cisco, Flowroute, Dialogic, Huawei, RingCentral, Vidyo, Canonical, Voximplant, Carrefour, Axiata, MTN, reThink, Apidaze, Skyway, Circuit, Truphone, Clarify, Oracle, Huawei, Ericsson, Bandwidth, Intel, Acision, Google, Telstra, Kandy, Genband, Nexmo, Metaswitch, Globe, and Locatrix.