TADHackers on #vuc576, Olivier Jeannel and Bart Uelen

vuc.meThis Friday 15th January we’ll have some TADHackers on #vuc576, Olivier Jeannel and Bart Uelen. The VoIP Users Conference is a weekly live discussion about VoIP, SIP, Asterisk and all kinds of telephony-related topics. It is hosted by Randy Resnick (you can see Randy performing at TADHack-mini Paris) runs every Friday at 1800 CET. The conference has been running weekly since March, 2007. In 2012, Google+ Hangouts were added. You can watch the latest one live or recorded on this page. Via SIP you can access on wideband g722 sip:vuc@vuc.me or call over the good old PSTN using this number +1 (646) 475-2098.

Olivier JeannelOlivier Jeannel keynoted TADSummit in Lisbon in November with a impressive service, RogerVoice. He is on a mission to make the phone accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people worldwide. Olivier will share his experience and advice on building and running his business on Telecom APIs. And by the way, he’s currently searching for a CTO to join his start-up. Olivier was also at TADHack-mini Paris in December, sharing his experience and networking will all the developers at the hackathon.

apidaze winner Bart UelenBart Uelen, a long-time TADS supporter was one of the winners at TADHack Paris in December with “Caminos del Mundo” – triggering a videochat from within Meteor. Its a travel app for organizing in real time your journey’s impressions like photos, text and videos and have people who stayed at home engage in your journey by joining a video chat. Given Bart’s love of travel, he has many amazing travel stories, this was a very relevant hack. See you at on the vuc on Friday 15th January at 1800 CET with Olivier, Bart, Randy and the gang 🙂