Eircom strives to assist web developers on real time comms

eircomThe telecommunications company Eircom, have teamed up with the TADHack Dublin organisers Kodacall and the TSSG to provide Irish web developers with the assistant they need to help re-imagine the humble phone call and what it means to communicate via a web/mobile application over the Internet.

Brendan Kearns of eircom said “we are always looking at different ways to convert, enhance, and handle communications, and with WebRTC being a disruptive force in the industry to help software developers to re-imagine live calling experiences for our connected web world. With the rapid rise in the adoption of the WebRTC standard I can see innovative developments and value that can be created for business customers and consumers.”

Register here for TADHack Dublin which will run from 10AM on Saturday-Sunday June 13th-14th  (closing at 8PM), at the NDRC, The Digital Exchange, Crane Street, Dublin 8, IRELAND.