Developer Showcase: Viblast

viblastViblast – the idea & the company:

We started developing the technology behind Viblast in 2010, recognizing the need for a solution to relieve last-mile video delivery congestion. In other words, our founders wanted to watch the World Cup. Unfortunately, that particularly year, the games were taking place during work hours. Not to be too conspicuous, everyone in the office was streaming on their own work station. As it often happens in such situations, the company’s network gasped for air and went down. With that, an idea was born – to find a better, more intelligent way to stream to multiple viewers watching the same live broadcast online. The current status of video delivery had obvious inefficiencies. After several years of experimenting, developing and polishing the technology, Viblast was established as a company in late 2013.

The two company founders, Stefan and Lubomir, have 25+ years of software development experience between them and a track record of finding solutions to difficult challenges. They have worked together architecting Sofia’s subway system train control technology and have founded two companies, one already 6 years in operation.

Viblast was awarded WebRTC Innovation of the year at the WebRTC Summit in London, 2014. The P2P delivery technology has U.S. patent-pending status as of November 2014.

What we do today:

Today the core of the technology is stable and working well, so we are focused on building new features and integrating other services through partnerships. One example is our collaboration with Axinom, the result of which is that Viblast now supports DRM-protected content.

We submitted a showcase to TADHack-mini London 11-12 April to share the use of WebRTC for peer-to-peer content delivery created by Viblast. TADHack is an important platform for all developers to promote their innovations, it has become the go-to place to see the latest ideas and applications of telecommunications related technologies. As a small company we’re grateful for the continued support TADHack provides in raising the industry’s awareness to what we do.

In the future:

We see P2P technology as the future of video delivery and since the demand for video is growing, together with the bandwidth required to carry it, we see ourselves as part of the team of heavy lifters who will help keep video in the cloud and carry it to the last mile. Our ambition is to be part of the solution to video industry’s challenges. We naturally believe that P2P-aided distribution is the answer to a number of these challenges, and now, with Akamai’s purchase of Octoshape, we are encouraged to think more companies will adopt our vision – together with the viewers themselves.