Webinar on Oracle Developer Resources for TADHack

Oracle WebRTCWe ran a webinar on Oracle’s developer resources on Thursday 23rd April at 7AM US West Coast / 10AM US East Coast / 3PM UK / 4PM Central European Time, with their partner Optare. Video is shown below.  Here are the Oracle developer resources. The line up of capabilities to play with include:

  • WebRTC: Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller JavaScript application programming interface (API) that supports multimedia and data stream communications in multiple platforms running under multiple protocols.
  • Payment: RESTful Payment interface to charge an amount to an end-user’s account using Diameter, refund amounts to that account, and split charge amounts among multiple end-users. Applications can also reserve amounts, reserve additional amounts, charge against the reservation or release the reservation.
  • Messaging: RESTful Short Messaging interface to send an SMS, a ringtone, or a logo, to fetch SMSes and delivery status reports; and to start and stop a notification.
  • Location: RESTful Terminal Location interface to get a location for an individual terminal or a group of terminals; to get the distance of the terminal from a specific location; and to start and stop notifications, based on geographic location or on a periodic interval.
  • And of course support should you have any questions.

The presentations given during the webinar are shown below. We will be adding addition weblog going into more details on the developer resources in the coming weeks.

The video below introduces Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller and how to use it to add audio, video and data communications to web and mobile applications. It provides an introduction to a sample application, a good starting point to develop more complex services. the video ends explaining how to add a widget which allows developers to easily add Real-time communications to their apps, services and business processes.

The video below introduces the Telecom APIs available in the Oracle Communications sandbox for the TADHack: Messaging, Payment and Location. Developers will learn how to start to work with those APIs and how to add them to their own applications and hacks.

The video below introduces the Oracle Communications Converged Application Server and how to design and build applications able to manage HTTP and SIP protocols at the same time. It also reviews the new SIP Servlet 2.0 specification and the JSR-359 recently approved. The video reviews a B2BUA (back to back user agent) application and how to modify it to build more complex applications.


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