TADHack mini London Winners

Just a quick weblog on the TADHack mini London winners. Compared to TADHack Global in June last year, we had many more mash-ups, much more risk taking, some amazing feats of coding, plus many more newbies making their first hacks. You can review all the pitches in a series of 3 weblogs beginning with this one.

Apidaze prize is split between:

  • Igor Pavlov (UK) @pavlovigor with PSTN in LyteSpark; and
  • Raj Sunder @rajsunder (Indonesia) with Wootag and click to call from Apidaze. You can see the remote pitch here.

Dialogic winner is Collaborate and Educate by Media Interactive (Slovenia) with Mirko Orehek, Nejc Šmid, Roman Urši?, and Franc Dolenc. With an honorable mention to Andrey Zakharchenko (Russia) with WebRTC Computer Vision, which you can see here.

Google winner TeachMusicRTC by (Francesco Canessa (@makevoid), Filippo Oretti, and Dario Andrei)

Kandy prize is split between:

  • Žilvinas Ra?yla and Augustinas Bacvinka (Lithuania) with Co-browsify; and
  • Joris Swinnen with Instant Evaluation (Belgium)

The winners of the two Matrix prizes (Parrot Bebop Drones) are:

  • Scott Barstow @scottbarstow and Anders Brownworth  @anders94 (USA) with Matrix BOT, see pitch here; and
  • Matt Williams (UK) with Project Clearwater / Matrix Gateway

Telestax prize is split between:

  • Sacha Nacar @SachaNacar, and Avi Forchheimer (Belgium) with Smart Dispatch; and
  • Seb Schumann (Solvenia) @s_schumann
    with Number Mapper.

Truphone winner is Sam Machin (UK) @sammachin with Beacon Calling.

University College London winner is Neil Stratford (UK) @neilstratford with WebRTC Lights.

The videos of the pitches and awards will be coming soon. You’ll also be able to see them pitching at the WebRTC Global Summit in London on the 14 April from 5:45-6:30 PM.

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