Developer Spotlight ClassOnLive

ClassOnLivetadhack classonlive is a marketplace that allows real time communications to take place in a single place. It allows experts (freelancers, businesses and institutions) to connect LIVE and in real time with their audience (potential and current customers, students and general public). Experts can connect one to one, small groups and/or webinars and can do conferences, advice, tips, debates, courses, workshops, meetings, focus groups etc. in order to increase their brand.

All communications in ClassOnLive are done with webRTC techonology, although we are making a bet on the Spanish initiative Kurento for communications that are not P2P as our media-server.

For the TADHack (Madrid 2014) we did a widget in which an e-commerce website can easily install it in their webpage so customers can connect with them through video calls.

The concept is simple:

  • Enroll in ClassOnLive and click on the “make your own widget” button (the user can assign to the widget to as many people as he/she wants (other classonlive users) in order to receive calls)
  • Copy/paste the generated javascript code in the website
  • To be able to receive video calls, the people assigned to the widget have to log in at ClassOnLive and activate the widget.
  • During the video call the e-commerce can share browser, desktop, text chat, exchange files, mute/unmute, record the call and the ecommerce can put their own ad banners with a direct link to their website.
  • The e-commerce site can have access to information on the caller as well. When the call is over, customers can evaluate the e-commerce agent and the call.
  • The idea came as we noticed more and more e-commerce are installing instant text messaging in their website, but we think communications should go a bit further to be really effective (as Amazon thought with their Mayday button).
  • If you have a problem navigating a web, your product was delivered broken and you cannot describe over the phone, etc. Why should you not have the problem resolved right there and then.

How it works?

  1. Once the e-commerce has created the javascript code, it should copy and paste it in their own website. Each agent who wants to receive calls shoul log to ClassOnLive and has to “activate” the widget.
  2. When each agent activates the widget a conference room is created and websocket connection and a peerconnection object is created for each one.
  3. When a customer visits the webpage where the widget is located, a websocket connection is created.
  4. When the customer clicks on the widget, a message (json) is sent to the first agent via websocket and a modal box is shown in agents’ screen.
  5. When the agent picks up the call, then the webRTC handshake process starts.
  6. If the agent rejects the call or does not answer the video call, the message is redirected to the next agent, via websocket.
  7. All the activity is saved, so when the customer clicks the widget, the widget identifies what agents are available at that moment so the websocket messages only are redirected to the available agents. If an agent is in a call, he/she won’t receive the message.

We are currently improving this widget by adding new features such as being able to record the sessions and connect them to the CRM service of the e-commerce to identify the caller. We also changing the appearance and we are simplifying the code.

The ClassOnLive´s widget was born thanks to the team:

  • Sergio Puertas (Spain) Software Engineer
  • Emin Koksal (Turkey) Electronic Engineer
  • Elia Barahona (Honduras) MBA
  • Marian Sanchez (Spain) Journalist

We invite all the TADHack fans to visit us ? as we hope to see ClassOnLive making our lives easier and better by simplifying online real-time/live communications.  We are really grateful for the support TADHack provides in promoting communications related applications and services.