ConnectCare Hack by SPAN

SPANSPAN is a well-established and fast-growing CMMI level 5 IT services company, which is a fully owned subsidiary of EVRY – one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics. SPAN has deep understanding of the IP communication (Unified Communication – UC) and has worked on products ranging from Core call center products to Multimedia Conferencing & IP-PBX Solutions.

SPAN’s ConnectCare team members are Venkatesh, Ravindra, Karthikeyan, Gireesh, Sowmya and Sivabalan.

ConnectCare is a Healthcare Telemedicine conceptual solution developed for TADHAck by SPAN, using Oracle WebRTC Session Controller and SPAN’s own call controller that uses SIP servlets on OCCAS (Oracle Communications Converged Application Server), which enables Audio/Video Call, Presence, Screen share, Messaging and file transfer.

SPAN’s team also added an additional service layer called UCM, which abstracts many low-level services in to high-level APIs for faster application development. UCM adds and wraps new and specific WebRTC features such as channel and application abstraction into respective services using OCWSC’s WebLogic server.

The team has enhanced OCWSC to support efficient call conference media sessions by integrating Dialogic XMS as an MCU, which does the media mixing for efficient bandwidth management.



Although Oracle’s WebRTC session controller enabled important call and media related features in our solution, SPAN’s own WebRTC expertise was used to integrate the features like Presence, Messaging, screenshare, file share and conferencing.

Main use cases of ConnectCare Telemedicine application are listed below.

Remote Appointment Management

  • Patient calls the caretaker to book an appointment with the doctor via WebRTC / SIP / PSTN
  • Patient/consumer information is displayed automatically on the screen during the call along with details such as healthcare providers associated with the patient / consumer
  • Scheduling of the appointment by viewing the provider calendar and confirming the appointment
  • Provider uses the UCM to arrange a consultation or educate patient / consumer
  • Patient home screen shows the appointment for the scheduled day
  • Homecare, etc. to administer emergency care and follow up care

Remote Diagnostics

  • Care team receives the appointment reminder notification 15 minutes prior to the schedule
  • Care team initiates the video call with patient / consumers
  • Patient / consumer information is automatically displayed on the care takers’ screens and also of all the participants involved
  • A care team member makes note of the patient information, which is then updated to PHR
  • Patient / Consumer-Care team will have the ability to chat during the call
  • Conference call with the doctor is scheduled by the care team and information about PHR and other necessary medication is displayed automatically on the patient’s screen
  • Provider will have the ability to share updated care plan or medication plan with the care team or patient / consumer
  • During a call, the patient also can share the reports
  • Provider updates patient / consumer health information as well as next appointment schedule after the diagnosis



TADHack provided SPAN a unique opportunity to remotely participate in an event where telecommunication developers all across the world showcased their creativity. TADHack gave SPAN excellent exposure to the telecommunication developer community and will empower SPAN to participate in upcoming TADHack events and we hope encourage many more developers to build applications using telecom apis, platforms and capabilities.