Scott Barstow on Hacking with Amazon Lex

A few weeks back I jumped into my 3rd TADHack event to compete. I’d been doing a good bit of work in the run up to the event using Amazon Lex, so I decided to build a simple interface from the PSTN (or old telephone network for you telecom newbs) to a Lex chatbot. Lex … Continue reading Scott Barstow on Hacking with Amazon Lex

TADHack-mini Orlando Review

Chatting with the people taking part in TADHack-mini Orlando highlighted a few things we do at TADHack, that perhaps we need to emphasize more in explaining why we’re unique and a great event for people to attend: We bring many technologies together so you can compare, contrast, understand how they can be mashed up, and … Continue reading TADHack-mini Orlando Review