Informal Interviews: Meet the Sponsors

Here are some short videos to informally introduce the sponsors, so you get to know the people behind the brands, why they love their technology, and what they hope to see from TADHack Global 2022.

  • Thomas from STROLID, is the cook for his family like me, though much more advanced 🙂 vCon is an important technology for everyone to learn at TADHack.
  • Al and Adnan from Radisys, technology saved Al from becoming a lawyer, proof technology is a force for good 😉 As a kid Adnan had a Commodore 64 computer like me! They both want to help you bring your hacks to market. Your hack from TADHack could become your side hustle, and perhaps even your main business.

Its time to register for TADHack. Check out ‘Choose your location’ on the TADHack landing page. Click on the location you can attend, and then the register button for that location. The Location page contains the address, schedule, and other important information about the specific location (we’re still updating location details, but register now to reserve your place). If there is no location close by, you can take part in Global Remote, that is the comfort of your home.