Radisys Engage Sponsors TADHack Global 2022

Radisys is bringing a paradigm shift in programmable communications through its Engage Digital Platform. It is an open communication platform that enables anyone to create new AI-based digital engagement services and help TADHackers solve problems that matter to them.

Engage Digital Platform opens communication networks (exposing voice, SMS, video) and enables them to be mashed up with advanced services across machine learning, speech analytics, and computer vision; such as intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response), conversational video bots, and in-call assistants. Imagine being on a call with a friend and a whisper only you can hear reminds you it’s your friend’s birthday next week or a surveillance video camera calling a security guard to check a suspicious person.

All these capabilities are programmable through APIs/SDKs and a visual interface (low / no code) that easily assembles the components and logic to create winning world-class hacks.

Radisys is a sponsor of Network X, TADHack Global is the pre-event hackathon for Network X. Hacks built using Radisys have a chance to be showcased to the thousands of Network X attendees. This provides amazing exposure to TADHackers from around the world.

That is not all, Radisys wants to showcase the hacks created using Engage Digital Platform to their customers and prospects. They hope some of the hacks can be turned into deployed services that change the way people connect, interact, and engage.