TeleSign Sponsors TADHack-mini Orlando 2019

TeleSign-Logo-2018-2We’re pleased to announce TeleSign are sponsoring TADHack-mini Orlando 2019 on the 16-17 March, just before Enterprise Connect. TeleSign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications they solve today’s unique customer challenges by bridging businesses to the complex world of global telecommunications.

Most of the large web brands around the world use their APIs; so you’re in good company hacking on TeleSign.

Check out their developer resources section on the TADHack-mini Orlando page by scrolling down to the Developer Resources section and click on TeleSign . Follow the instructions before the event on how to get started so you hit the ground running on Saturday.

But do not worry if you’re not set-up ahead of the event, Filipe and Dave from Telesign will be there throughout the weekend to help you. Do not be afraid to test out your ideas and pitches with them as well, not just the technical stuff, they want you to be successful using their APIs.

Telesign’s focus for TADHack-mini Orlando are their Voice API and Phone Numbers API. They have lots of other APIs to play with as well, but the focus for this weekend is the Voice and Phone Numbers APIs. The best hackathon project(s) will be showcased on TeleSign’s official blog as well as all of their social media. Good luck!