Vidyo Sponsors TADHack Global 2017

vidyo.ioWe’re pleased to announce Vidyo, a leader in embedded video,  is the latest TADHack Global 2017 sponsor. Vidyo also sponsored TADHack-mini Orlando in March and had some impressive hacks created using their platform. Their overall winners were Bruno Alves, Shibli, and Jerry Reed from Valencia College with “Whos_up”. A video and text chat app, that enables students in on-line classes to communicate without sharing their personal contact info. It’s a great solution to a real world problem they face.

Vidyo visually connects the world through embedding the highest quality, most scalable, interactive video communications platform into the broadest and most innovative applications, workflows and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Some of the industries Vidyo serves include: Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Field Services, Banking, Government, High Tech, Manufacturing, Legal and Retail.

Healthcare is a market where Vidyo is seeing particular traction. Vidyo-powered telemedicine helps care providers reduce readmissions, increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes. The award-winning platform, which is integrated within three of the four largest US electronic health record (EHR) vendors, added more than 50 major healthcare systems in the US to its rapidly expanding customer base of more than 295 health systems during its past fiscal year.

A recent telebehavioral health company named  Level Therapy, leveraged  the developer platform to create an app, which combats the challenges of stigma, cost and access surrounding mental  health care services. Level Therapy uses  Vidyo to provide its patients with a platform to privately connect with health professionals over video from anywhere.

We are excited to participate in TADHack Global. It’s very cool to be a part of the largest one weekend  hackathon that spans 30 cities around the world. We’re keen that TADHack’s diverse group of developers see how easy it is to solve problems using Vidyo’s interactive video communications. We give developers the tools to embed visual communications easily into any application imaginable and we can’t wait to see the innovation at TADHack Global 2017,” said Gary Schwartz, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Vidyo.

Welcoming Vidyo back to TADHack is exciting, their technology created great hacks at TADHack-mini Orlando” – stated TADHack’s founder Alan Quayle. “We want developers to see how powerful and also how easy interactive video communications can be added to applications, services and business processes.