Restcomm Tutorial from Telestax

restcommFor TADHack-mini Orlando, Telestax, the Restcomm company, would like to help participants that want learn and use our product for the event and to meet the Telestax team on-site.

To help participants prepare for the TADHack-mini Orlando challenge, we’ve prepared a short set of tutorials using an innovative online learning tool, Lessonly, to get up to speed quickly on our platform. These tools include our powerful and fully documented telecom APIs and the Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD), which enables non-developers to quickly design and implement voice, video, and messaging (both instant messaging and SMS) applications.

To gain access to Restcomm and our Lessonly tutorials before the TADHack-mini event in Orlando, please signup and login to your Restcomm account. Once you sign up for your Restcomm account, you will be sent an email from to gain access to our tutorials.

Telestax is providing a comprehensive set of resources which are accessible on the main TADHack Orlando page. If you don’t see something you need, please contact us directly at

We are committed to making this an enjoyable event while exposing you and your team to the great telecom enabling tools we provide with Restcomm and getting to know the Telestax team. Telestax is really excited to see what TADHack participants pitch for the $8,000 in prizes using Restcomm. The visibility will be great because we are teaming up with the well-covered Enterprise Connect event for nationwide recognition.

Telestax Resources

Telestax, Dialogic, and DataArt are teaming up at TADHack-mini Orlando to offer Restcomm powered by PowerMedia XMS, a unified Cloud Communications platform with advanced media capabilities to rapidly build scalable voice, video, and messaging applications, using your existing web and mobile development skills.

Get started with Restcomm featuring PowerMedia XMS now!

Restcomm API resources:

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Restcomm JavaScript WebRTC Quick Start and SDK API

Online Help

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Community forums:

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Video developer resources:

How-to blog video

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Building the Apps