RingCentral Webinar for TADHack-mini Orlando

RingCentralRingCentral are new to TADHack, to help you understand their resources and also meet the RingCentral folks who will be helping you at TADHack-mini Orlando we ran a webinar on Friday 17th March, video is shown below.

The RingCentral resources are on the main TADHack-mini Orlando page, just scroll down the page to see all the goodies you can play with. I also list them below.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions ahead of the event.

To prepare for TADHack-mini Orlando we have a weblog to help you prep, and we’re working with the Code for Orlando folks to hopefully have the hacks make a difference in Orlando. It will be a fun weekend of learning, winning some of the $8k in prize money available, making new friends, and we hope creating hacks that help Orlando communities. Plus winners get to pitch on the Monday to the massive Enterprise Connect event for nationwide recognition.

RingCentral Resources

The RingCentral Connect Platform enables enterprise developers and ISVs to seamlessly integrate voice, business SMS, fax and team messaging into key workflows and apps.

Sign up for a your free API Account at http://developer.ringcentral.com to learn more.
Getting Started Tutorials
SDKs & Sample Apps
ringcentral-js—Official JavaScript SDK
ringcentral-php—Official PHP SDK
ringcentral-csharp—Official .NET SDK
ringcentral-python—Official Python SDK
ringcentral-web-phone—Official JavaScript WebRTC Client Library
RingCentral Developer FAQ Answers to the most commonly asked developer questions

Ask your code questions and share ideas, issues, or answers at either:
StackOverflow using the RingCentral tag
RingCentral Developer Community
Developer Support Dedicated developer support cases, handled FIFO

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