Mark Shuttleworth Keynote at TADHack Global

mark shuttleworthMark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, is back! He keynoted at the first ever TADHack in Madrid. You can see his presentation from 2014 here. At TADHack Global over the weekend of 14-16 October, we’ll have an inspirational video keynote from Mark, which is played near the start of every TADHack location. I’m sure we’ll here a loud cheer from TADHack South Africa when they play the video 😉

In the past we tried to run the keynotes contemporaneously across the locations, but given the global coverage of TADHack it was simply too late for Asia / Pacific and too early for the Americas. With a pre-recorded video keynote, we’ll have Mark at the start of every location inspiring everyone involved 🙂 Thanks Mark!

TADHack Global