Special Offer from Mind Commerce to Telecom API and Communications Enabled APP Community

mind commerceMind Commerce, a leading providers of ICT research, is offering a no-cost copy of its 2015 report in return for your help.

Telecom Network API Marketplace: Strategy, Ecosystem, Players and Forecasts 2015 – 2020


Please send to Dawn Stokes ( dstokes@mindcommerce.com ) information about your company including the following:

  • Company Profile (including leadership, company focus, successes, financials if you can share)
  • Summary and Description of Company‚Äôs Products, Services, and Solutions
  • Company Architecture, Platforms, and Network diagrams (anything that can be shared publicly)
  • Company Vision for the Telecom API and Communications Enabled APP Marketplace
  • Company Vision for Communication Service Providers (CSP) vs. OTT Players (how will this dynamic evolve?)
  • What does your company see as the top Communications Enabled App categories (and why do you see this)?
  • Case Studies in which your Product/Service/Solution has been deployed (please provide CSP and Enterprise examples)

This information will be the basis for what may go into the 2016 report coming in 2Q 2016, which will focus more on Apps and less on the Telecom APIs themselves.