TADHack Countdown and the TADHack YouTube Channel

tadhackWe’re nearly there! Just over one week to go and telecom application developers from around the world will gather to learn, share, code and create!

TADHack is a global event with centers in Madrid, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, India, the US, and your own home (for remote entries). We have requests to run satellites next year in Africa, South America, China, and many more locations.

We have over 550 registrations for TADHack, the ideas coming in are amazing. All the pitches will be on the TADHack YouTube Channel. We want this channel to become a showcase for all telecom application developers.

Here are some FAQs that I hope help in the run-up to TADHack:

Q. Do we need to form a team before the event?
A. You can form a team before the event or at the event. For example, in Madrid all the tables will have sponsors logos, including GWOB.org for the Humanitarian theme. Go to the sponsor you’re interested in and they will help you form a team. Check out the developer resources to see the capabilities the sponsors offer. We recommend you arrive at the Madrid event around 9-9:30AM on Friday if you’re planning on forming / joining a team at the event.

Q. Can we code before the event?
A. Yes, we’d prefer you spend the time at TADHack networking, learning and sharing; than hacking through the night. And its OK to just hack at the event as well, you’ll have the sponsors on hand to help. You’re judged principally on the idea, though having the hack working would be nice.

Q. Do the hacks need to be working completely?
A. No, its the idea that counts, the sponsors will help you to realize your idea.


  • Mark Castleman will be at TADHack Madrid providing mentoring support to the teams. He’s now the Entrepreneur in Residence at Bell Labs, a seasoned hackathon winner, serial entrepreneur, and who I consider a “celebrity developer.”
  • We have more celebrity developers involved in TADHack, such as Tim Panton, Thomas Howe, Ben Klang, Chris Matthieu, Fabrizio Bartolini, and many more. You’ll be able to draw on their experience, and we hope be inspired by the hacks they create.
  • Telco supporters Celcom, Magyar Telecom, Telstra, Truphone and US Cellular will be looking for hacks to take to market. The TADHack YouTube Channel is going to be an important resource for telcos as all the pitches will be available to view from there.
  • Remote entries are asked to submit by Friday 5th June.
  • The pitches are going to start earlier than scheduled, now at 11AM CET (Central European Time) on Saturday, beginning with the Asian satellites, then Madrid and remote pitches, then the Chicago pitches, and finish with some of the celebrity developer pitches.

See you at TADHack, its going to be fun!

TADHack is more than just one event on the 6/7 June, we will be doing in-depth weblogs on the hacks over the summer and into the autumn; as well as sharing progress on their commercialization. We want to help create some telecom app developer millionaires!