Truphone is the latest TADHack Sponsor

truphoneTruphone are sponsoring TADHack. Demonstrating their leadership of innovation in the telecommunications industry. They will be sharing with developers at the TADHack event exciting plans to revolutionize the telecoms industry and putting developers’ telecom applications front and center of the industry.

Truphone’s founder and CTO, James Tagg, will be keynoting at TADHack. Together with Mark Shuttleworth; founder of Ubuntu, technology visionary, and second space tourist.  This creates a can-not-miss keynote event, which will be streamed live over the internet.  Check out the full line-up here.

Truphone is guided by a vision of how international communications should work. They want it to be accessible, flexible and available for everyone, everywhere. And they innovate endlessly towards that goal.

Innovation isn’t just part of Truphone’s future though; it’s their history too. In 2006, inventor James Tagg grew tired of having poor mobile reception at his farmhouse in Kent and created the first VoIP app for mobiles as a solution. That’s how Truphone was founded and they’ve been finding real solutions to communication challenges ever since.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress Truphone were nominated by the GSMA for Best Enterprise Mobile Service, see video below. TADHack has become the place to meet the innovators changing telecoms and leading telecom application development.