Developer Spotlight: Craig Norman, Emotum

Craig Norman EmotumCraig Norman is more of a designer at heart, design strategy being his real passion.  Craig enjoys the creative aspects of designing and developing new services – and the business models that go along with them. Overall his main focus is the customer experience but he still likes to polish his dev chops.  Craig is a great example of the breadth of Telecom App Developers, they are not all hardcore telco geeks, many focus on creating world class experiences, which is critical in today’s competitive world.

What are some of your current and past telecom app development projects?

Traditionally customer care apps for desktop – such as Emotum’s Connection Centre or Connection Manager applications.

Activation of internet conection, fixed line or mobile broadband.

Set-up and sharing of Wi-Fi connection.

Installing and setting up additional services from email to internet security software.

Troubleshooting of problems with Internet connection to “shorten the phone call.”

Moving into mobile development because time is right for mobile as main computing device “tipping point.”

I think the mobile device is – or soon will be – the king of all digital touchpoints, not just for Telco but any industry.  So communication enabled customer experiences are critical for business and service success.

How did you get involved in Telecom App Development?

At Emotum we are passionate about technology, the internet and communications.

We think that the Telco has an increasingly valuable role in the digital ecosystem.

We want to help our customers with development of next gen services.

Interest in TADS was initially for R&D purposes and to start using Telco API’s, which had previously been in the “too hard” basket.

Also as a sounding board for our ideas and concepts from innovators in this area 🙂

What are you hoping to get out of TADHack?

Firstly, inspiration – meeting up with like-minded people and companies that are exploring this space.

Secondly, Telcos – there are a bunch of telecom app developers there looking for win-win innovations with Telcos, if I was a Telco I would be there.  And its great to see some of the Telcos involved are signing up to trial the hacks created at TADHack.

Third, to design and or build some cool stuff using WebRTC and Telco API’s, not sure what the “hack” itself will be like but I would like it to be a place where left-field or blue sky ideas could be quickly and roughly prototyped.